You. Your instrument. Your songs.

Songwriter submissions for the 2019 Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival will be open from now through June 30, 2019.  We are accepting performance submissions from singer/songwriters of all genres, from all cities, states and countries.  Submissions are limited to solo singer/songwriters only – we do not accept duos, bands or groups of any kind – it’s just you, your instrument and your songs.  The final roster of songwriters will be selected from our collected submissions by the DSSF committee on merit of talent and our ability to market you with our brand.

The dates for this year’s 6th annual festival are October 18-20. 2019. Chosen songwriters will perform ” in the round”, Nashville-style, with 3 or 4 songwriters taking the stage at a time.  The total number of performance slots will be determined by the final number of songwriters that are selected.  Each singer/songwriter will perform multiple times each day at multiple venues and have their name, photo, a short bio and website link posted on the DSSF web page and in our official event program publication.  Special terms do apply and a complete set of festival Rules and Guidelines can be found at the bottom of this page – make sure to read ALL the Rules and Guidelines BEFORE you submit

Once you’ve sent us your submission it would be a very good idea to sign up for the DSSF Newsletter – it’s there that we will be making the announcements of our final songwriter selections and updates on the festival.  The Newsletter form is conveniently located at the bottom of this page.


  • Please complete each field of the submission form below.
  • Your bio must be 180 words or less. If you are selected THIS WILL BE THE BIO THAT WE USE FOR YOU in all our promotions, so make sure it’s what you want to be used in print and on our website. Do not include any personal messages in the bio please.
  • Make sure to tell us where you’re from, that is where you currently live – CITY & STATE please
  • In order to be considered you MUST have a proper website where we can easily go to hear your music and read about you – we’re all in this together – if we can’t promote you, you can’t promote us.
  • Special terms do apply and a complete set of festival Rules and Guidelines can be found at the bottom of this page – PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES AND GUIDELINES BEFORE YOU SUBMIT.


Material – All songs performed at our festival must be 100% original – that is to say – you have either written them yourself or have co-written them with a collaborator.  No Free Bird, no Sweet Home Alabama, no covers of any kind will be permitted during our scheduled festival performances.  Also, if you are selected, you’ll be playing multiple times a day for a couple of days, so it’s a good idea for you to have at least an hour’s worth of material to keep from repeating songs too many times.
Payment – We provide no monetary payment for songwriters performing at the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival.  However, all songwriters will be fed complimentary meals at least once a day and we will provide complimentary lodging to those songwriters that are traveling from outside the greater Austin area to perform at the festival.  Folks who come to our festival really support the songwriters and many of our performers experience excellent CD and merch sales.
Schedules –  If you’re selected to perform we ask that you be on time for each of your scheduled  performances. The festival schedule will be posted on our website, in the center pages of the official DSSF event program, and at each performance stage/venue during the festival.  You will agree to be here and available for ALL SCHEDULED DAYS AND EVENINGS of the festival – October 18-20, 2019.
Equipment – If you’re selected to perform all you’ll need to bring is your guitar, which will need to be equipped with electronics (plug and play) as we will not be using any on-stage instrument mics.  Pedal boards, loopers, rhythm units, sequencers, stomp boxes, choruses, distortions, harmonizers, wah-wah’s – FX of any kind won’t be allowed – like our slogan says “It’s You, Your Instrument and Your Songs”.  In-line tuners are perfectly fine, but please bring an extra cord if you need it – each stage setup will have just one (1) microphone and one (1) guitar cord for each songwriter.  Each stage will be equipped with 2 Bose L1 Systems and 4 Shure microphones and stands. If you would like to swap out and use your own microphone it must be a Shure brand.
Accompaniment –  There will be absolutely no non-official/non-scheduled/non-laminated musicians or singers allowed on the stages.  In keeping with our festival slogan, “You. Your instrument. Your Songs.”, the use of any instrumental or vocal accompaniment from outside of your scheduled performance group is not permitted.  If you’d like to play or sing along with other performers within your time slot grouping, that’s way cool with us, just make sure that it’s OK with the other songwriters in your group before you add your part to their song.
Merchandise – We’ll provide a central Music Store where our songwriters can sell their CD’s.  Due to limited space and personnel, the sales of any songwriter merchandise besides CD’s can’t be accepted at the Music Store.  You’re very welcome to sell all of your merchandise (t-shirts, koozies, shoe horns, etc) at your performances if you like, once you’ve cleared the stage for the next group.  And all that moola that you collect from the sales of your CD’s and merch is 100% yours – we won’t take a cent for our services.
Outside Performances – If you’re selected to perform at the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival you will agree not to book any performance dates within a 20-mile radius of the city of Dripping Springs for 2 weeks prior to the first day of our festival.  In addition, “one-off” performances at other Dripping Springs venues that are not sanctioned as one of our official 6 participating venues during the weekend of our event is expressly prohibited.  Failure to comply with these booking parameters will result in being immediately dropped from our roster.
Transportation – If you are selected to perform at the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival you will be responsible for your own transportation to Dripping Springs, TX and each day to the festival area – this includes those performers traveling from outside the Austin/Dripping Springs area. Your lodging owners are not to be asked to provide shuttle service, either to or from the airport, or to and from the festival area.  You must provide your own transportation.
Pets/Smoking –  For the out-of-town songwriters staying at our lodgings – there is no smoking or pets allowed in any of our lodgings. No exceptions.
Images & Video – If you’re selected to perform at the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival you will agree to allow the Festival organizers to use still images and video footage with your likeness to promote our festival in print, television and Internet outlets.
Kid Friendly – All of our venue stages are in bars of one type or another – that is –  they all serve alcohol of some sort and smoking may be permitted in some outside areas.  There’s even a remote chance that you’ll hear the flutter of an off-color word flying softly by on the breeze.  If you feel this is a suitable environment for your munchkins, we’re cool with that.  Bottom line though, these venues are all “kid-friendly”, but in the event you or your friends do bring some mini- folk along, please make sure your kids are “bar-friendly”and “performer-friendly” too.  Great thing about our festival – people actually come here to listen.